Swedish Massage is a hands on treatment which consists of strokes of varying pressures which warm up the area of the body being treated and encourages relaxation in the muscles, this is known as effleurage. Tension can be relieved by rubbing the area with the tips of the fingers in small circles - frictioning, or by working directly on the muscles, moving them from side to side, lifting them up and rolling fingers and thumbs over them which is called petrissage. The final technique used consists of various styles of tapping which stimulates the muscles and prepares them to be used again.


 Other than the release of tension Swedish massage also helps the muscles by increasing blood circulation around the body. This allows nutrients and oxygen to aid the development and repair of muscles more efficiently. As muscle spasms ease pain relief is experienced and joints can become more mobile. However to concentrate simply on muscular benefits barely scratches the surface of the numerous holistic effects that Swedish Massage can have on the body. Nerves can be soothed which can impact the full body, encouraging regular functions to work at optimum capacity such as digesting food, breathing, the heart pumping and the kidneys purifying the blood. The more relaxed the body is the less energy it requires to use to carry out such activities.

   As blood flow increases so too does the recognition of toxins and waste. The body will in turn initiate an immune response to erradicate any toxins, and waste products will be flushed out more efficiently. In other words the bodys natural functions kick in to assist our health, well being and balance.

   Swedish Massage has been found to help many conditions such as arthritis, stress, recovery from sprains and strains, skin conditions, diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, migraines and constipation to name but a few. If you have a condition or health complaint and are interested to see if it could help give me a call and lets see what we can do. You never know until you try.



Give me a call to find out how Swedish Massage could benefit you.