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Sports and remedial therapy assists the recovery from injuries and provides maintenance for muscles to maximise performance.

It is great for those who enjoy sports to keep muscles supple and help with competition preparation as well as post event recovery. Focusing on problem areas, rather than the relaxation effect of Swedish Massage, it is common for a site of pain not to be the origin of an injury and so you may find that you are looking for pain relief from a wrist issue for example and discover that the full arm and shoulder is needing some work done.


  Primarily an assessment will be done to establish what movements can be accomplished fully and when pain is experienced. These consist of the client carrying out basic instructions such as lift your right arm out to the side and then the therapist moving the limb in the same way. The results are then used to devise a treatment plan specific to the clients needs. *Please note you may be required to undress down to your underwear for the assessment. 


As well as some gentle massage strokes, sports and remedial therapy also incorporates a lot of joint movements to improve flexibility and stretch the muscles. There are a great deal of techniques available within this therapy, which can help alleviate tight muscles, joint restrictions and painful muscle spasms. 

 In order to maintain the improvements achieved you may be provided with exercises to do that will assist your recovery and build muscle strength. Theses exercises are part of the treatment plan and are paramount to maximise short term and long term sustainable benefits. 


 Very often muscles become tight in one specific area and it is easy for regular stretching to be performed without affecting the exact area of tension. Remedial therapy can target directly the adhesed area and stretch it out allowing the muscle to function fully again.

 Lack of flexibility can also be due to muscle tension, using mobilisations to remove the restrictions, joints can provide improved mobility , allowing for day to day and sporting activities to be carried out easier and more efficiently.

 Pain relief is often sought. By gently smoothing out painful muscles and removing areas of muscle spasm, pain can be reduced and even eradicated over time.

 Bad posture is a viscious circle. If we use a poor stance some muscles will work to compensate and others will become lazy. This in turn makes it difficult to correct the stance as the muscles have learnt new habits. Breaking these habits can be difficult. Using remedial techniques overworked muscles can be released and lazy muscles can be stimulated to allow the body to correct its positioning. Clients will also improve their body awareness and become far more aware when postural issues begin to develop. 

 Rehabilitation can be facilitated following an injury. Not just to recover but to build additional strength to ensure the injury does not occur again. 

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Client receiving treatment into the rib area