What is Reiki

 Reiki is an energy healing technique that works with the body's own energy to balance it and restore physical and emotional health. It is a non invasive therapy which is very calming and comforting.

 You may experience heat or tingling some even sense or see colours, everyone is different. For this treatment the client remains clothed and lies on their back with a nice warm blanket over them. I work over the full body twice, the first time with my hands hovering about 3 inches over the body and the second time with my hands gently touching. The energy points known as chakras are used as focal areas during the treatment and if there are any that feel particularly out of balance I may use chakra stones in conjunction with Reiki. The stones are placed on or near the site of the specific chakra along the body.

  At the end of the treatment you will be given the option to hear about anything I felt during it, it is entirely up to you if you would like this information.

chakra stones.jpg