Myofascial release is a very gentle and slow technique which is ideal for those suffering a great deal of pain. Fascia is wrapped around everything within the body - bones, muscles, organs, everything, and it is like one giant elastic band. Its job is to protect the body by tightening up but unfortunately does not relax again, therefore it can cause pressure and specifically pain as it compresses areas within the body. The theory behind the technique is that as it reacts to protect, it must be treated slowly with little pressure to avoid stimulating the fascia further. The therapists' hands are placed on an area, typically the session is started across the shoulder blades, with soft pressure. The fascia will begin to release and as it does the therapists' hands will slowly move across the skin. The client may experience tingling or a sense of relaxation as tension eases. There is no pain experienced during this technique and as a result, it can be very beneficial to those suffering from fibromyalgia or chronic pain.

Client receiving myofascial release over the shoulder blades

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Myofascial Release - Thats A Mouthful

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