Kinetic Taping is used to ease muscular pain, treat injuries and help support muscles during sporting activities. Fabric tape is applied to the area of pain and can remain there for up to 5 days. Following application it must remain dry for 1 hour, after that you can shower, bathe and even swim with it on. Traditional bandaging restricts movement whereas the kinetic tape can assist movement at points of injury and provide support for athletes without compromise. It can be used after massage whilst treating an injury or can be applied on its own in a supportive capacity.

When muscle tissue contracts, blood flow becomes restricted, preventing waste products from being excreted and oxygen struggling to get in. The kinetic tape relaxes the muscle and lifts tissues therefore encouraging circulation which in turn provides oxygen and nutrients to the painful muscle and removing toxins. Movement of the limbs is supported and assisted and healing can be promoted and swelling reduced. I use Voodoo Tape which contains menthol, borneal and arnica which soothes the muscles, helping to reduce inflammation and pain.