What is Hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy enables you to focus on the arising problem and to solve it by yourself with the help and guidance of a hypnotherapist. The hypnotherapist will direct you through the process and give you the necessary tools to deal with the problem in the future without resolving to medication. 

While under hypnosis, you will be in a deep state of relaxation during which, positive suggestions are given to your subconscious mind. In this deep state of relaxation, your mind won’t disregard nor discriminate against the information given. 

During the session, you will feel peaceful as your conscious mind will be put at rest; it is important as your conscious mind is responsible for your critical thinking, and often it prevents you from making the changes that you wish to make. Your subconscious mind operates on beliefs and emotions. It controls your habits and other things that you automatically do. It is worth to note that your subconscious mind does remember everything that you have ever experienced. It is where hypnosis comes to play. Hypnotherapist communicates with your subconscious mind allowing it to learn and replace old negative habits, overcome negative emotions to simply make a change. In the state of hypnosis, your mind is very receptive to new ideas and by use of our techniques, we will encourage and implement more sensible and balanced behaviours to reframe your thinking and behavioural patterns.

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