What Is Hot & Cold Stone Massage ?

Hot Stone Massage

 Hot stone massage is a relaxing massage done with smooth basalt stones. The stones are warmed in water and then applied using slow and gentle strokes generally starting on the back. My usual wax is applied to the skin first which aids the movement of the stones. The stones vary in size, large ones are used to begin with and then smaller ones are introduced which are excellent for easing tension and knots that are found during the treatment. There are also extra large stones that can be placed on the back whilst the legs and arms are being treated and smaller ones that can sit on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. 


The basalt stones allow the heat to travel deeper into the muscles than the therapists' hands will. Therefore more muscles can be positively affected by the treatment. Muscles are encouraged to relax which assists in tension and stress alleviation which is why it is used as a relaxation method.It is a very popular massage with those suffering from fibromyalgia as it can ease muscle pain in a far gentler way than other styles. Blood circulation is increased which is excellent for clearing toxins within the body and promoting optimum organ function and boosting the immune system.

the stone warmer and a selection of various sized basalt stones thatare used for hot stone massage
a hand with a warm stone placed in the palm and the therapists hand using another stone on the inside of he foearm
Cold Stone Massage

The first thing to mention here is that it is not just cold that is used throughout this treatment. The cold stones are used intermittently with the hot stones. Therefore this is also a very soothing massage.  Just as with the hot stone massage the cold stones are gently moved across the body and followed directly by a hot stone. The most commonly worked areas using the cold stones are the legs and the face. Still sounds unappealing? Read on to find out how beneficial this treatment can be for you. 


Cold stones are ideal for post injury problems that have resulted in muscular tension or swelling. The cold assists in reducing inflammation which is very commonly found during rehabilitation. Those who enjoy sports may be familiar with the term DOMS, delayed onset muscle soreness, many find that the day after a particularly intense workout their muscles tighten up and can cause pain. Some find that cold is more effective than heat for this as it reduces dilated blood vessels. 

How about cold stones around the eyes? The best thing for puffy eyes is cold and so what better than small stones gliding smoothly around the eye area to vitalise it after a late night. They can also be placed on a cotton pad across the eye whilst your cheeks and forehead are graced with the delight of the hot stones, the perfect facial.

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a person lying on the couch face down with a towel over them an four large basalt stones placed on her back. These are left there whilst the massage is continued on the legs.