What is Self-Care?

The aim of this class is to give you a kick-start, by promoting body and mind balance whilst improving overall health and vitality.

This is a hands on class and there will be some working at floor level, so bring your Yoga mat with you, or you can use one of ours. This class is designed for beginners to empower you to take charge of your own health and put your wellbeing back in your hands.

You will learn more about what Shiatsu is and how it can help you care for yourself using acupressure points, to ease pain and discomfort of body and mind as well as learning some basic techniques to use on your family and friends. You will also learn simple and effective Qi Gong to enhance your energy and calm your mind. There will also be some stretching techniques that will bring you more flexibility and vitality to your body. Along with this there will also be suggestions for ways of helping your mind using psychology, breathing and relaxation techniques.


Shiatsu is a Japanese healing bodywork therapy which uses the power of touch, movement, meditation and breath to help you connect with your body, mind and spirit.   

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