Shiatsu is a Japanese hands-on non-invasive bodywork therapy coming from the same oriental principles as Acupuncture and has been established in the UK for over 40 years. In a Shiatsu session, I work gently on acupressure points, muscles, joints and circulation to bring your mind and body into balance. Sessions take place on a special padded mat on the floor called a futon, however, a treatment table can be used if preferred or if getting on the floor is an issue. During the session, you will remain fully clothed and each treatment is tailored to meet your specific needs. Shiatsu is well known for aiding recovery from a wide range of chronic conditions, such as headaches, fatigue, fibromyalgia, PMS, digestive disorders, stress, anxiety and insomnia. Shiatsu can help clients suffering from musculoskeletal complaints including; back, neck, joint pain, RSI's, injuries and trauma.

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