What is Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing draws upon the elements and spirits of nature to channel healing through the practitioner and into the recipient. This opens up the energetic body and removes blockages and negative energy which has built up through unresolved mental and physical trauma over the lifetime.

 Shamans believe every element in the universe has consciousness and are able to tap into the spirit of this consciousness through plants, animals, rocks, rivers, wind etc and call upon them to do the healing during a treatment. The practitioner acts as a physical bridge for the spirits to work through.

Shamanic Reiki has similar properties to traditional Reiki but offers a more specific type of healing. By tapping into the spirit world,  the practitioner is able to access the wisdom and energy to bring forth healing into this world.

Shamanic healing can offer soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, ancestral and DNA healing and aura cleansing. It is a truly magical and enlightening experience. 

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