This Is Ruth

Ruth has been teaching Nia for just over two years, mainly in the Clackmannanshire area, and completed her Moving to Heal training in May 2019, with her introducing classes recently thereafter. Ruth describes Nia as “my oasis, the place I can retreat to from the challenges and stresses of everyday life, which affect us all.  Nia and Moving to Heal has helped me to release long-held grief over losing beloved family and friends, and is still helping to heal my body from old injuries.”

With its holistic approach to fitness, Nia defines healing simply as “I feel better”, and Nia Moving to Heal is described as “Movement as Medicine”. Taught with inspiring music and easy-to-master moves, classes can help to facilitate healing of body, mind, emotions and spirit, through helping develop strength, balance and mobility, helping to deal with stress / anxiety, and are also suitable for those recovering from injury or with a chronic condition, including those with mental health challenges.

Nia Moving to Heal is ideally done barefoot; if you prefer, you can wear socks (ones with grips are best) or soft indoor shoes. Layered clothing is good, as it can get warm, and please remember to bring a bottle of water.

Ruth would love to welcome you to her Moving to Heal class at Optimise Wellness Centre.

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