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Himalayan Salt Products

Himalayan salt is a rock salt that comes from the ancient seabeds of Pakistan. It usually has a beautiful pink colouring but can also be found in white. It is very popular due to the many health benefits it is believed to have.

 You can dissolve it in water and drink it, inhale it, bathe in it and use it in your cooking instead of table salt and even use it as a deodorant.

 Now a days it is also used to make stunning lamps and candle holders that not only benefit your health but bring an amazing warm light to your home, lighting up any room with their glow. 


We also stock a range of Crystals, incense and holders, smudge sticks and dishes candles, oil burners and fragrance oils, jewellery and dreamcatchers.

Please note these items are only available to buy instore.