In order to develop your initial plan I will email you a questionaire about any symptoms you are experiencing. Please fully complete the form and return it to me via email. I will then construct your plan and arrange to meet with you within the next fortnight to go over it and talk about any dietary and lifestyle changes I may advise to enhance your new eating plan. You will receive a  workbook with all the details of your plan and for you to use to analyse the presence &/or absence of any symptoms whilst you are partaking in your plan. During the consultation we will talk about any health issues your are having, your eating habits and likes and dislikes. 

Payment for your initial plan and consultation is made in advance via the online shop due to the amount of work included in producing your plan prior to the consultation. 

Also available are follow -up consultations in which we will review your progress and alter your plan if necessary, these are not mandataory and can be booked at a later date if you would like further advice or to alter your plan following successful reduction in your symptoms.

If you would like to arrange a nutritional therapy session or have some questions about the programme, give me a call on       07398924956