What is Meditation

The class is suitable for everyone. Meditation can be done sitting on a chair or on the floor or even lying down. The choice is yours and I encourage people to bring along cushions, blankets or yoga mats, whatever helps you to be comfy. Its all trial and error to find what works for you.


 The room is a no shoe zone, so that if anyone needs to move about there won't be any disturbance. Feel free to bring slippers or woolly socks  to keep your feet warm. I also ask that mobile phones are switched off or on silent during the hour. 

The meditations are guided which means that I will talk you through scenarios and journeys to help you focus on the present moment. I also use sounds for when your mind wanders. The sounds will bring you back to the meditation in a gentle manner.


The benefits of meditation are endless including balancing the busy mind, improving focus, reducing stress and anxiety and even enhancing your sleep quality. There have even been scientific proof that those who meditate are happier and healthier.


Meditation is ideal for stress relief, it encourages relaxation, the more you practice the easier you will find it becomes. You will learn how to make meditation a part of your daily life meaning that you can use it whenever and wherever or wherever you want to.