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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This treatment can be performed for upper body, lower body or full body . It can also be used as a part treatment with other modalities such as myofascial release and sports and remedial therapy. The method  always begins at a main hub of the lymphatic system - either at the collar bone for upper body or at the groin for lower body ( this can be done over light clothing). It stimulates the movement of the fluid which is already within the system and enhances the flow of passage that the lymph will move through. 

 Very little pressure is used during manual lymphatic drainage, it is therefore a very relaxing treatment whilst at the same time having a strong impact. It is recommended that following the session you wear loose fitting clothes to allow the enhanced circulation of the lymph fluid to continue and to drink more water than usual for 2 days in order to flush out any toxins that have been cleared.  It is also advisable not to have a hot bath for the rest of the day to ensure your body can make the most of the benefits available.