Hi, my name is Emma. My journey is still quite a new one, just in my third year of working professionally as a therapist, creating my own business Head to Toe Complementary Therapies. Reflexology was, without doubt, my first love and everything I have done since has just snowballed. All of my qualifications gained are of the highest grade within the UK and I am proud that every case study, essay and practical exam were all marked at distinction level. My little business is continually growing and evolving and I'm looking forward to soon be studying specific reflexology techniques to help improve lymphatic drainage. I have recently qualified as a trainer too and am currently creating courses so that I can not only promote my knowledge and provide health benefits to clients but share it also to those wanting to become part of this wonderful world of complementary therapy. I'm looking forward to being part of the Optimise Wellness Centre journey and wish them well in their new venture.

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