Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are common not only in the wrist but also at the elbow as tennis and golfers elbows. While such problems imply that stopping carrying out a particular movement will remove the issue this is not always practical. The joint will still require rehabilitation to assist with healing and then to develop the muscles and joints to overcome any potential long term weakness. 

 As with all injuries, without a good recovery, long term pain and issues with mobility may ensue. It is best to get it checked out. 

 All limbs are warmed up using gentle massage before any mobilisations or deeper treatments are introduced and as always the client remains in control, feedback is always requested during the session to ensure the person is comfortable.


If you are having problems with RSI or an injury why not book an appointment and discover just what Sports and Remedial Therapy can do for you.


Tendons of the elbow being worked to relieve tennis elbow