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Aloe Vera Where Have You Been All My LIfe?

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  I also sell a range of health and wellbeing products which use Aloe Vera also known as the medicine plant and also bee products.  My products use the highest quality of Aloe Vera available as it is grown specifically for use in the products without any pesticides or herbicides. Crops are harvested by hand and the potent aloe vera gel is delicately separated from the leaf before being gently stabilised in a special, patented process. Tjis all happens within hours of harvesting to provide the purest, freshest aloe vera, from plant to product. 

  There is a wide range of products ranging from the top seller - Aloe Vera Drinking Gels to nutritional supplements, sport and weight management products and even animal care and home domestic products. The products are not tested on animals and many of the products feature the Koshe, Halal and Islamic Society Seals of Approval. 

  I have a separate website for the products called Aloe Vera Hippy Chick, below is some information and links to specific areas of the site. 


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